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Looking For How To Earn Real Money Online? Welcome To PokerBaazi!

The meteoric rise of poker has offered a new dimension to the myriad answers for ‘how to earn real money online?’ The reasons for it are threefold: ease of learning, online gameplay, and high guaranteed prize pools. We are writing this blog post for all those passionate card players who are looking to broaden their gaming horizons through this game and to translate their accomplishment in monetary terms on a daily basis.

PokerBaazi, India’s Most Trusted Poker Website, offers a host of online tournaments and series that you can play in on a daily basis to evolve into a more proficient player, no matter what your level of proficiency currently is. This popular online gaming portal features some of the best real money poker games that you can play in. Some popular names include PPL 2019, The Game Changer, The MoneyMaker, and scores of high-GTD weekly tourneys like Baazi Super Sunday and Lets Vegas etc.

The latest in them all is the Weekly Super 5 5LAC GTD that features buy-ins as low as INR 99 and features six flights from Monday to Saturday. We are offering its details below and we are also putting up a unique code that would get you in for free!

Weekly Super 5LAC GTD: Your Answer to ‘How to Earn Real Money Online’

PB’s current promotion, Weekly Super 5LAC GTD was launched in this May. It is powered by several exciting features for those looking to earn real money online. Here they are:
  • It is a multi-day tournament, spread across six weekdays from Monday to Saturday.
  • Each tournament is called a Starting Flight.
  • Its final day shall only comprise survivors from different starting flights on these six days.
  • A player may choose to play in two or more starting flights as well. If he qualifies for the final, he can use his best count of stacks.
  • The best thing is that there is no direct entry for the finals on Sunday.
This tourney is focused on consistent players and thus there is no provision for direct entry on Sundays. So if you are looking to play real money poker games, PB’s Weekly Super 5LAC GTD is your shot!

Play on PB’s Real Money Poker App

Real Money Poker App

PB’s all-new real money poker app (one each for Android and iOS) features a ton of exclusive features to help you enjoy your online games to the max. Some of these are:
  •         Seamless and Intuitive online gaming experience.
  •          Portrait mode for one hand gaming
  •          Ease of customization.
  •          Small size and less battery consumption.
  •          One-click access to Baazi Rewards.
  •          Faster access to Cashier for buying chips and withdrawing rewards.
This smartphone app offers straight-line access to those looking to play poker on the move and to offer them another way to their question- ‘how to earn real money online.’ We suggest you download this app today and get on with some fabulous gaming straight away.

Win Real Money Online Free The Smarter Way With PB

While it is not exactly an option for those looking to win real money online free, its starting flights do come at near-zero cost buy-ins at INR 99 each. PB has also offered a unique deposit code to help you get started quickly with its Weekly Super 5LAC GTD.

You can use the code ‘SUPER5’ to get a free ticket to the starting flights when you make a minimum deposit of 300. The best thing is that the code has no expiry date either- and thus it can be used any number of times on different days!

Play Games For Real Money

Play Games For Real Money

The Weekly Super 5LAC GTD is one of the several online poker tournaments that you can play on PB to maximize your gaming prowess every day. For those looking to play games for real money, PB’s daily and weekly tourneys and events are just the deal. We suggest you visit its dedicated Tournaments and Promotions page to know more about them and to win BIG with passion!

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Looking To Play Poker Games Online? Here’s What You May Win!

For those play poker games online regularly, PokerBaazi has sealed the deal with a host of rewards under its segment-defining Loyalty Rewards Program- Baazi Rewards. These winners have won gadgets like OnePlus 6T, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, MacBook Pro and Dell laptops etc, and have thus set themselves up for a grand show this month!

We are writing this blog post to appreciate their win and to explain how you too can make it BIG with your passion for the game. Stay with us as we take you along!

Baazi Rewards- A FULL HOUSE of Goodies For Poker Games Online Players

Baazi Rewards Program

Incepted on 21st August 2018, Baazi Rewards is the class-leading Loyalty Rewards Program of PokerBaazi. They have created a huge buzz because they have created a marked difference in the country’s online gaming landscape because they are centered on the value that a player is bringing to the game and not on how he has fared in every game.

We suggest you suit up to play your best online poker game on this trusted gaming portal today. As you go ahead, you might want to choose between Baazi Rewards’ Loyalty Rewards Program and CashBack Program to decide which variant serves you the best.

      1 .     CashBack Program (CB):
·    Earn direct cash back for accumulated reward points every week.
·    This program works on a weekly basis only.
·    You may build up your reward points as you play poker games online on PB.

      2.    Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP):
·   This best online poker loyalty program comprises 49 reward levels with unique  benefits in each.
·      These unique benefits depend on the minimum required reward points.
·     The more you play, the faster you may reach the more premium levels that feature a Jaguar supercar, Vegas Package, and other top rewards!
·       This program has unlimited validity.

Here’s a tip: As a poker player, we suggest you stay consistent with your game.

Baazi Rewards: How does it work?

The way Baazi Rewards work is just so very amazing to say the least! Players play online poker games on PB and they accumulate points for the value they bring to the game. These points add up after each cash game and the same becomes their basis to reach higher “Levels” in the Baazi Rewards.

They can use the rewards contained in that level and it may feature anything from Real Bonus, cars, Poker Destination Tours and so on. This loyalty rewards program thus comprises a string of goodies that are neatly segregated across several distinct levels. Conversely, you may also claim CashBack as an option in Baazi Rewards by playing poker games online on PB.

This is how this powerful duo of PB and Baazi Rewards is your reason to go ahead with your passion to play poker online games and to be rewarded in hefty terms. In case you are wondering about ‘how to get started?’, we suggest you start playing the FREE ENTRY TOURNAMENTS on PB. These freerolls are available every 10 minutes online. Plus, it is live under this portal’s Redeemable April promo.

It May Not Be The Largest Online Poker Platform, But Its Rewards Surely Are!

Baazi Rewards Program is just what you need to get rewarded for your passion for the game. Here are some winners who made it BIG with their passion for gaming this March 2019. As you can see, PB may not be the largest online poker platform right now but its rewards surely are!

Here Are A Few Winners For March 2019.

OnePlus 6T
7th March
iPhone XS
11th March
OnePlus 6T
10th March
MacBook Pro
15th March
OnePlus 6T
13th March
Dell Inspiron Laptop
29th March
OnePlus 6T
13th March
NUTS 280889
iPhone XR
30th March
OnePlus 6T
17th March
iPhone XS Max
16th March

There were a total of 25 OnePlus 6T claimed by our Baazigars from March to mid-April 2019. 

These players took maximum advantage of their smart gameplay and professional gaming skills to claim these top rewards. We suggest you too take the first step towards some smart gaming because LRP comes with unlimited validity. It’s time you take a decision in favour of your superior online gaming skills and make a difference!

Thursday, 28 March 2019

How to Play Like a Shark in Real Cash Poker Tournaments?

Do you play real cash poker tournaments in India? If so, wouldn’t you like to know the different types of players at the poker tables and what they are called as in poker lingo? This article is all about it as we take you along. A player who understands the game from the basics and plays sensibly at the felts is popularly called the SHARK. This is an apt name because that’s exactly what he is all about- he is known for his confidence and impressive gameplay.

When you start playing real cash tournaments online, you would be considered a ‘Fish.’ It is a new player who bears the same relationship with an experienced player as does a fish to a shark. Due to raw skills, a novice might end up making some mistakes no matter how better he tries to play. As you progress in the game, your skills are polished and thus, you move a step closer to become a SHARK (the best poker players).

How to Spot A SHARK in Real Cash Poker Tournaments?

Real Cash Poker Tournaments

A shark is a highly-skilled player who owns the top spot in poker. It feasts on fish in a game to swell its bankroll and to boost its confidence. This is how you can spot the sharks on a felt.
1. They possess great skills and mould their game perfectly as per the game.
2. It is tough to understand their game and to predict their next move.
3. These are tough contenders and they may play aggressively.
4. They are amazing bluffers.
5. They avoid playing hands out-of-position.
6. They continue to place bets after a Pre-Flop Raise.
7. They follow 3-bet strategy when they do not have pocket cards.

So here were few traits that depict how sharks can be identified during a game in real cash poker tournaments. Now let’s proceed with the latest online poker news 2019 where some sharks demonstrated their awesome gaming skills at PB’s Real Money Poker App this week.

Do You Know The Latest Online Poker News 2019?

The daily special poker tournaments at PB once again scores the top position as the weekly latest online poker news 2019. The contesting players in these tournaments set on a chase to a jackpot of minimum INR 10LAC Guaranteed (GTD) every week and only the best ones are successful in the end.
Here are the recent winners of this week’s real cash poker tournaments on PB that were hosted on Monday (25th March 2019), Tuesday (26th March 2019) and Wednesday (27th March 2019).
👉Also, watch out for the top contenders who will be competing for attractive Las Vegas Packages in the Sit ‘N’ Go tournament of PB’s Lets Vegas promotion.
1.       AVENGERS26 shipped a bankroll of INR 1,96,500 in the Bout INR 10LAC GTD hosted every Monday at 8 PM and has a Buy-In of INR 4000.
2.       MR_ROBOT won INR 2,85,654 in the Endeavour INR 15LAC GTD that goes live on PB every Tuesday with a Buy-In of INR 3500 at 8 PM.
3.       The Let’s Vegas promotion found its two top players this Wednesday i.e. 27th March 2019. They are ‘THEKID’ and ‘THEREALLOKIMON’ and they shall now head for the Sit ‘N’ Go 8-max table to win Las Vegas Packages worth up to INR 25LAC.

This is one of the top trending real cash poker tournaments where you can grab marvelous Las Vegas Packages.

This latest online poker news 2019 has more for you. You can chase giant wins too as you play in The Summit INR 15LAC GTD on 28th March 2019 at 8 PM. You can join this game by investing a Buy-In of INR 7500 only.

Playing in PokerBaazi’s daily specials, you can ace up your game real quick and aim for PPL Special Edition 2019 that will be hosted online from 21st April to 28th April 2019.

Play poker for real money like a SHARK only on PokerBaazi!

A shark player invests a great deal of dedication, commitment and utilized his passion for poker to its best potential and his skills take him to huge wins in this game. So you can play poker for real money once you develop better gaming skills. For the same, you can visit the above platform where your skills will get polished over a period of time that will help you reap massive wins in the long run.

Download PB’s app and get started!

You can get started on its real money poker app that can be download from its official website. This app is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices and has no download charges. It’s trusted and safe features shall give you a hassle-free gaming experience.
This is the real money poker app you were looking for this 2019! 

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Is It Legal To Play Online Poker In India?

Poker, the world-famous card game, is on a high roll to a nationwide acceptance and popularity in India. This can be attributed to its skill-based side and the possibility of winning BIG rewards that follow it. Thousands of players are joining it every year by starting from zero level and working their way up- a process better known as Grinding. As they grind and go up the ladder over a period of time, they learn to play it with more confidence, thus encashing some BIG wins in the process.

So What Makes Poker Different From Other Sport in India?

You would say the same would hold true for any sport in the world. There is always a learning phase that is followed by an even harder practicing phase- and the two together may lead to some BIG wins. 

So what’s so special with Poker?

Here’s an answer.

Poker is a skill-based game that doesn’t just include one or two of your skills. It calls for a mixture of several top attributes to help the player emerge from the ordinary. One needs several top qualities and attributes like leadership, mathematical, psychological, risk management, emotional quotient, and analytical reasoning to just get started. It then becomes more challenging with some more pleasures too. However, it all is worth once you start winning.

So Can I Play Poker Too Just Like I’d Play Cricket Or Football?
Yes and No.  

Poker is growing at the rate of knots in India. However, there still needs a question to be answered- is poker legal in India? This might seem shocking to you but poker isn’t exactly defined as a legal sport in India. The subject is still under legal revision by the (Hon.) Supreme Court of India and they are yet to take a call on it. This, in no way, stops you from playing it on the internet on a safe and trusted online gaming platform.

So while you can learn it just like you would cricket or football, you can’t possibly be just as “open” about it for the time being.

Here’s More to The Legality of Poker

The roots of the confusion date back to the British Rule in India. They had enacted a law called ‘The Public Gambling Act of 1867’ that simply prohibits anyone to host or run a public gaming house and to play in it. Violating this rule used to and still does attract severe penalties. Those asking the question ‘is poker legal inIndia can perhaps now connect the dots. This exciting card game is actually taken as ‘an act of gambling’ and this completely overlooks its skill-based side.  
But there is hope.

In three of its rulings dated 1967, 1996 and 2015, the (Hon.) Supreme Court of India had clearly categorized Rummy (another popular card game) as a completely skill-based endevaour. The same order gives poker players hope that someday the Apex Court would decisively and positively answer the question of ‘is poker legal in India.’

A good reason for this historic judgment is that games of chance should be termed illegal because they may favour one person over another. Such an occurrence may be irrelevant to the skill and dexterity of the disadvantaged person. True, the cards dealt is a matter of chance- but how you play with them is surely isn’t. Also if poker were just a game of pure chance, only one or two players would be always winning and rest all others would be always losing.

Playing on a safe, secure and trusted website that respects your skills and passion for the game

Playing on a safe, secure and trusted website that respects your skills and passion for the game makes a big difference. We suggest PokerBaazi, India’s most trusted poker website that is simply there for two reasons- it respects the value you bring to the game and BIG rewards that you deserve to win.
Remember, there is no restriction on playing poker as a skill-based game and with the internet available everywhere, it is just a matter of time before you too can get started.  

Is Online Poker Legal in India?

While the subject is under the jurisdiction, we suggest you focus on improving your card gaming skills with a view to use them over an extended period of time. We are sure we would get an answer to ‘is online poker legal in India’ someday soon but until then, we shouldn’t waste any time waiting for it and rather get on with improving our skills on an individual basis. There are already thousands of players ahead of us and the sooner we get started, the better it is.

Indian online gaming industry is expected to reach USD 1.1 billion by 2020 and poker would take a large share of the pie. Given this scenario, it is just a child guess that we should turn our focus on PB’s top-notch offerings with regards to skill-based play and make it all count with some stunning gameplay over a period of time.

Let’s take this card game as it is- a glorious sum of several skill-based endeavors and a consistent effort of bettering ourselves in trying circumstances. This is what a good game teaches us and this is just what we are all about. See you at the gaming felts soon!

Find Here More Legality of Poker

Monday, 21 January 2019

DIY Indian Pot Limit Omaha Tips: Your Secret Weapon to Bigger Wins!

The following Indian Pot Limit Omaha tips are an active ingredient in the making of a highly skilled
poker player. As you set out on a poker journey, a major part of the same revolves around
understanding this game’s strategies in a better manner. This article presents online poker tips
that are aptly applicable in a popular variant of this card-specific game i.e. Pot Limit Omaha.

The Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) game at PokerBaazi (PB) is a quirky version of poker. This strategy-based
variant should be your next step once you think you have become better reasonably good at Texas Hold’em-
a classic poker variant. This way, you can take your game a notch higher. However, it gets tricky when you
spot two or three flushes in the same suit. Crazy, isn’t it?
Thus, understanding the Indian Pot Limit Omaha Tips the RIGHT way becomes important. Once
you got to get a hang of these tips, you shall be all armed up with your skills before you hit the PB
felts and welcome spine-tingling challenges with utmost confidence. What else could you ask for?
You are possibly on a lookout for Indian Pot Limit Omaha tips so here’s our guide on the same. Before that,
we would talk on how these tips benefit you so buckle-up!
P.S You can also glance upon the importance of an Indian Omaha poker strategy in the last section.
Expert Indian Pot Limit Omaha Tips are always a better choice!
Suppose your routine job needs you to learn a new skill and you are completely clueless on how to use
apply those skills in your work. In this case, you would probably reach to an expert or look for expert tips
available on the Internet. Once you get familiar with the skill via its tips, you shall not be unaccustomed with
the game anymore.
You might be bombarded with suggestions from budding poker players. The trouble is, these tips may not
work every time. To play the game like a PRO, you can follow some proven tips (as mentioned below) from
a PLO specialist @PokerBaazi for it can be your best choice to power-up your game.
Play Pot Limit Omaha the ‘RIGHT’ way with these online poker tips
So here we are with our online poker tips specific to Pot Limit Omaha that will push your skills in the right
direction. Let’s dive into these tips right away.
  1. Bloating the post at Pre-flop isn’t always a good idea.
The equities in this game are close in terms of number. Thus, it’s always an intelligent choice to head for
maximum play post flop, especially in deep stack tournaments. This is one of the most popular PLO
tips- you shouldn’t prefer 3-4 betting when playing Out-of-Position with marginal hands.
  1. Balanced bet sizes are best!
Just like a balanced life is the essence of life, a balanced bet size does tons of good for your game. This is one
advanced strategy that can be developed over time and once you get a hang of it, you wouldn’t be a
beginner at this game anymore.

  1. Follow the upward trail to learning online poker tips
If you are a Texas Hold’em Poker player, your next big spot shall be to hit the PLO felts. However, we would
advise that it’s always better to get clear with its basics before the grind. You can visit a couple of PLO
-specific websites explaining this game’s basics, tips, and strategies and also be open to expert opinions.
Once you cover all these aspects of this game, you shall be almost halfway done to scoring big knocks in PLO.
We just can’t wait to see the best version of you as you put your skills on the radar at the PLO felts and keep a
track of your game as you progress. While learning about the basics of this game, you may come across an
advanced PLO strategy and you may wonder, why you should follow one. Below is our answer for the same.
Why follow an advanced Indian Omaha Poker strategy?
This game calls for in-depth knowledge of its tips and strategies in order to sail through the challenges and
enjoy grand wins. So if you follow an advanced Indian Omaha Poker strategy, it can be your secret weapon
or a guiding force to learn this game faster and make it to to the top soon.
You can head over to PB to get familiar with PLO strategies from its expertise and thus amp-up your game
with a skillful touch. Get ready to power play with these strategies and stand out among the rest with
your ‘WOW’ skills at the felts! Cheers!

Monday, 12 November 2018

Choosing The Best Poker Promotion In India Is Your Ticket To The Top

In poker, the quicker you figure out your next move, the better it is. Ditto for the best poker promotion in India. These poker promotions are your ticket to the top and they usually recur at regular time intervals. They also are your shortcut for the best poker offers in India. We are writing this article to expand how these search terms can be beneficial to you. If you’re living in the national capital, you can take this as a special case for the ‘best poker promo code Delhi’ too!

Poker Promotions are the player-centric deals and offers regarding different poker tournaments and games on an online poker website. These poker promotions, promo codes and poker offers are often what a player looks for in any website and the sooner he finds it, the quicker he makes up his mind about playing on it. If you are also looking for the best poker promotion in India, we suggest you visit, India’s most trusted poker website. It features some of the best poker offers in India and for those living in the national capital, it also offers best poker promo code in Delhi.

Best Poker Offers in India

 How will the best poker promotion in India help you?

Poker is growing rapidly in India over the last decade or so. This has resulted in a lot of competition in the gaming industry and thus these companies feature promotions. An online website makes its place in the hearts of poker enthusiasts by showing creativity in the promotions it runs. Also, websites which offer great deals in such promotions are definitely the best for players.

That being said, is a top choice for the best poker promotion in India. It has its top-class lineup of tournaments and events with prize pools often running into Lakhs and Crores. This is thus a closed circle in which this website announces top events and then organizes promotions and offers. Players love it for the simple, attractive structure and a secure gaming software, as can be seen from its immense fan following. The best poker promotion in India and the best poker offers in India are two important parts of the same.

This website also features a new gaming interface, a secure gaming software, and transparent financial transactions to boost its poker promotions.

Top events that call for the Best Poker Promotion in India

Best Poker Promotion In India

Here are two star favourites - ‘TheMoneyMaker’ and ‘The Time Bomb.’ The former has evolved as a benchmark in the online Indian poker industry because it was the first online tournament to feature a guaranteed INR 1 CRORE prize pool. Next up is the Time Bomb where players don't compete with one another for the pot but they rather try to survive for the maximum time. The winner is the one who outlasts everyone and gets a grand prize.

Since poker is fast evolving in metro cities, we suggest that you look for best poker promo code in Delhi on this website to win BIG. The website features highly popular promotions and offers in India to spice up your race to the top!

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Texas Holdem And Its Variations

One of the most popular variants of poker, Texas Hold’em dates back to the early 1900s. Back then, it was called ‘holdem’; the game is said to have been invented in the Robstown of Texas, USA. It took quite some time before the game crossed borders and reached the Sin City-Las Vegas.

It wasn’t an easy journey at all. It took a few failures and a whole lot of determination to give Texas Hold’em its deserving place on the tables. It was the first WSOP tournament that was organized by father and son duo, Benny and Jack Binion, in 1970 that included Texas Hold’em rules in a series of cash games. This was a path-breaking moment for Texas Hold’em poker.

Ever since then, there has been no looking back for this widely popular variant of poker.
Well, not just the WSOP contributed towards the popularity of Texas Hold’em, celebrated players at the WSOP including Doyle Brunson, and Al Alvarez also took upon themselves to let the world know about the charisma of Texas Hold’em.

Super System authored by Doyle Brunson was published in 1978 and acted as another turning point in the history of poker. Later, Alvarez wrote a book The Biggest Game in Town which served as a documentary account of 1981’s WSOP. These poker literature brought forth Texas holdem to a wider audience.

It must be noted that Texas Holdem evolved the entire game of poker. So, whether it is casino or online poker rooms, holdem is the most widely played poker variation.

However, ever since its inception, Texas holdem has kept reinventing itself for better. The new variations of Texas Hold’em are played in the similar manner with a few changes here and there.

Here’s a list of few variations to the original game.

Pineapple- 3 hole cards are dealt to the players. One of the hole cards is discarded after the first betting round.

Crazy Pineapple- Also, 3 hole cards are dealt, but one of the hole cards is discarded after the flop.

Aviation- Originated in the famous Aviation Club in Paris. In this variation, 4 hole cards are dealt- one of which is discarded before the flop, and another after the flop.

Speed Holdem- 4 hole cards are dealt, however 2 are discarded right away. 5 community cards are then flopped. This is followed by only 1 betting round, and then a final showdown.

Super Eight- As the name suggests, players can make the best five card poker hands using the 3 hole cards they are dealt, and the 5 community cards. No hole card is discarded.

Tahoe- It is very similar to Super Eight. The only exception is that the player can use only two of the 3 hole cards to make the best five card.

The list does not end here though. Texas Hold’em is a popular way poker is played, and poker enthusiasts will continue to add twists to make it more interesting than it already is.